Most Dangerous Places Malnet Operators Host Malware

host malwareAs malware continues to evolve and becomes more difficult to detect, the best Internet security strategy is to try to avoid it altogether.  In order to do this, it is important to know where malnet operators prefer to host their malware.  There are a variety of different methods they use. However, there are some which have proven to be particularly dangerous for the average Internet user.  One thing to keep in mind is that they often rely on hacked websites, which makes detecting malware and where it came from difficult, even for Internet security experts.


A recent Internet security risk is a technique known as malvertising.  Essentially, the malnet operator tricks ad networks into serving malicious ads.  This technique is becoming more common as demonstrated by the 50% increase in reported cases since 2010.  What makes this technique so dangerous for Internet users is that these ads are posted on legitimate, trusted websites.  Moreover paid advertising now exists on more than 90% of all websites.  The current trend is to display an ad for a fake anti-virus scanner or use drive by downloads.

Software downloads

Another dangerous Internet security risk is software download websites.  Malnet operators know that anyone visiting these sites is ready to download and install some type of software.  This provides a very low risk, high reward scenario for malware disbursement.  Like online storage websites, malnet operators can create multiple accounts and share the same malware under a variety of different names.  This makes it difficult for the average user to know whether or not they are downloading a clean copy of the software they were looking for.  Many times, the malware will be hidden within a legitimate software program.

Internet security threats continue to become more complex, which makes identifying them difficult.  Even with a quality Internet security strategy, anyone who goes online is potentially at risk.  While it is impossible to completely avoid the threat malware poses, understanding the most likely places malnet operators host malware is an essential first step.  There are dozens of different Internet security threats to be aware of, but the most likely places to find malware include malvertising on legitimate websites, and software download websites.

Users should always be careful when installing new software, especially when that software was downloaded from the Internet. Users should also be very wary whenever they give their computer admin username and password to new applications.

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