Identity Theft – How Hackers Do It & How To Prevent It?

malwarebytesInternet users are susceptible to attacks pertaining to malware or malicious software. Besides sending fake applications that corrupt your device, hackers have also indulged in another form of crime which involves theft of identity.

Identity theft refers to the stealing of an individual’s identity and pretending to be that person. Hackers often misuse an identity by sending malicious files and offensive content to other users. In order to prevent any such occurrence, an enhanced identity theft protection system has to be deployed. This will not only warn you against such possibilities but also block potentially dangerous content on your computer or smartphone.

Determining the link between data loop holes and theft of identity can be difficult as most victims are unaware of how the sensitive information got transferred. In fact, identity theft is not traceable in most cases. Several cases have been reported in which the victim was held responsible for the criminal’s actions. This might involve hacking of government computers or spamming. Basically, identity theft occurs when a person uses your name, credit card number or social security number without permission to commit crimes.

Malwarebytes offers a great deal of solutions to keep your computer free from malware. Malwarebytes reviews show that the application has effectively managed to completely remove all forms of malware including spyware, Trojans, rootkits and adware. This software application offers an enhanced identity theft protection system that prevents stealing of your sensitive information which might be misused if gets into wrong hands. Fighting malware, there is no better tool better than Malwarebytes. This software provides all round protection with the use of innovative and advanced technology.

Malware is possibly the biggest threat to the World Wide Web. Your computer is at a constant risk of getting exposed to this threat. Studies have shown that malwares are more dangerous compared to computer viruses. Malwares not only slow down your computer but also saves your keystrokes, logins, passwords and other important data that is not meant to be shared. All the information is then transferred to another system with the help of hidden files on your system. Only the most technologically advanced techniques can properly detect and delete malware. Malwarebytes is one such application which combines supreme technologies formulated to identify, destroy and prevent malware.

Some of the highlight features of Malwarebytes include:

• Fast scan speeds. • Quarantines threats and lets you restore them later. • Specialized toolbox allows you to manually remove malware. • Multiple operating system support- Windows 7, Vista, XP.

Malwarebytes review also reveals that the software application is easy to use, efficient as well as low on memory. A life time membership fee of just $24.95 is charged. Users have access to all the requisite tools needed to protect the computer from the attack of malware. This is among the very few enhanced identity theft protection tools available in the market at such an affordable price. In addition to this, Malwarebytes also issues licenses to corporate companies to aid in data protection and prevention of malware. Users are allowed to take a 14 day trial pack before purchasing the full version of the software.

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