Top Antivirus Suites for Windows in 2012

AntivirusMost of us are concerned about the safety of our computers and there is a reason why security is at stake. It is because of the Internet. The word “computer virus” was named by Fred Cohen in 1983. It is a malicious program which is capable of affecting other normal programs. These viruses are capable of invading your computer and stealing all your personal information. Antivirus software stops people from attacking your computer and spreading spyware, Trojans and worms. These days most of us are trying to find the ideal Antivirus for Windows and it has become an inevitable aspect of computers. The following is a list of the top five Anti viruses for your computer.

Panda – It makes use of TruPrevent technology. The logic behind panda is that protection measures will be used which keep your computer safe when it is invaded by viruses. This is how it works. It initially observes the pattern of all the in-house programs. The moment there is some irregularity in the patterns, it will be removed. The name cloud is derived from the fact that the entire database is saved in the cloud storage feature. Most of us are under the impression that it is stored in the computer but that’s not true.

Bull Guard – This antivirus software works with Internet Security 12. There are a few advantages of using this software. It can be used absolutely free for the first three months. That is considered the trial period. Additionally you can avail 5 GB storage space which is also free. The various add-ons included with Bull Guard are parental controls, email protection, firewall and more. Parental controls are add-ons that can provide safety for your kids while they surf through the Internet. Certain sites can be blocked and you can also set a time slot for browsing. Moreover you can stop your kids from talking to strangers on social networking sites. Along with filters and other benefits, you can also avail some good discounts.

Norton – Symantec Corporation is a top security software designing company. Norton antivirus was designed by this Symantec. They proudly claim that this software has remained in the market for the longest period of time and it is also a very effective antivirus program. Several awards were conferred on this program for its first-class security features. It offers quick and powerful solutions. You can enjoy multilayered security with this system and it strongly defends your computer against any kind of malicious threats.

Trend Micro – It provides a security suite that addresses all possible issues faced by computers. However the latest version of this antivirus program launched for Windows 8 is still in the developing stage. Windows 8 users need not worry because the firewall protection is really efficacious and it scans data at a faster pace. It is expected to hit the market along with Windows 8.

Kaspersky– It was Eugene Kaspersky who designed the antivirus inside his very own lab. It topped the list of best antivirus software for quite some time before Bitdefender replaced it. This antivirus is quite famous all over the world for its outstanding scanning ability. Moreover you can also customize it based on your surfing activities.

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