PDF Recovery Software – Effective Way to Deal With PDF File Corruption

pdf file corruptionThe reason for the popularity of PDF or Portable Document Format over the Internet for publishing documents and sending large documents via emails is its security features. The security features such as password protection and applied restrictions to edit or print PDF file ensure the confidentiality of our crucial file from being accessed or altered by any unauthorized user. Despite of all these advantageous features there are times when something goes wrong with PDF file and it gets corrupt or becomes inaccessible. The best way to overcome PDF file corruption is recovery software built specifically for PDF files.

However, before understanding something about these third-party tools let us discuss some very prominent reasons due to which a PDF file gets corrupt or becomes inaccessible:

• Inappropriate Download: Most of the times the reason for corruption of PDF file is inappropriate or bad download. If download of PDF file from server to your computer gets interrupted due to bad or interrupted Internet connectivity then this issue occurs. If this is the case with you, then reconnect your Internet, go to the website again and then from there try to download PDF file.

• Incorrect PDF Creation Process: Another possible cause of encountering the unexpected behavior of PDF file is bad PDF creation process. Sometimes either incorrect PDF file creation or inappropriate PDF upload to the Internet leads to PDF file corruption.

• Incompatible Software Applications: Though Adobe is the creator of PDF file, there are various software applications by which we can create and read PDF files. Sometimes these programs are the cause of the problem. A bad or inappropriate software application for reading or creating PDF file can corrupt your entire file. Therefore, you can check your inaccessible PDF file with the help of Adobe’s free Reader program. If the PDF file doesn’t work with Adobe Reader, then there are issues with PDF file itself.

• Corrupt Cache Copy of File: To make re-accessing of a downloaded or viewed file easy, the cache of every web browser saves its copy. Therefore, if the PDF file is corrupted due to interrupted download then the cache of your web browser would save the corrupted copy of your file. If this is the case with you then clear the cache of your web browser and download the file again.

However, if your PDF file is actually corrupted regardless of inappropriate download or corrupted cache copy, then it is recommended to use reliable third-party PDF recovery software. One of the most appreciated and recommended PDF recovery software is Stellar Phoenix PDF Recovery Software. The software supports almost all versions of PDF file, repairs corrupt PDF file without modifying its original formatting such as font, colors, outline, images and charts included, etc. The software also gives you option to remove restrictions, such as restriction on copying, printing, or editing applied to a PDF file.

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