Remote Play Video/Audio on iOS Device Using Air Playit

remote playAir Playit is a free video streaming app introduced for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, which is able to stream movies and music saved on your computer wirelessly via Wi-Fi, 3G/4G network to the device for playing the multimedia content directly.

While iTunes organizes and keeps all the media in one place, it doesn’t mean it’s a piece of cake to sync the files from Mac or PC in order to share the same media content with the iOS device. Synchronizing the large-sized video and music folders before the computer indeed takes users long time to finish the whole process. Besides, when you come across a video or audio file that is not compatible with your device, you will have to adopt other format converting software to handle this. Otherwise, you don’t even have a chance to sync it.

By using Air Playit, all the Apple device users can save the time consuming process of transferring the video and music files to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch by iTunes and date wire. This video audio streaming app is capable of streaming 320 different video and audio formats on the fly with Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G network. Converting and transmitting the multimedia content continuously at real time, this app allows users to remotely play any video, movie or music file saved on the computer simply with their iOS device anywhere.

To explain this app in more details, Air Playit has two parts – Air Playit server and Air Playit app client – to work together for streaming video or audio file to the iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Air Playit server software works as a personal cloud that needs to be installed on your home PC or Mac so that you could add the video or audio files to be shared with your device remotely or locally over wireless network. Both Windows and Mac users could download the corresponding Air Playit server software for free from their official site.

The app client running on the iOS device is mainly for controlling the streaming process at any place, receiving the streamed media content and for playing video/audio file on the device immediately. The Air Playit client app for iPad, iPhone and iPod app are all available on iTunes store. You can also simply download one app for your device directly on their main page, check the elaborate user guide and blogs to stream the videos, movies or MP3 audio to your device and remote play them with ease.

Some of Air Playit features:

*Supports streaming a wide range of video formats: MKV, M2TS, AVCHD, TP, MPEG-TS, AVC, MPEG1/2, WMV, AVI, MOV, RM/RMBV, FLV, MP4, H.264, M4V, WebM etc.

* Live converts videos on the fly and streams them to iPhone, iPad and iPod for instant playback, no need to wait.

* Downloads the videos, movies or music to your device for users to play them when network connection is unavailable.

*Allows authorized access to the video/audio folders shared in Air Playit server via any web browser.

*Caches the streamed music to your device once it is played for the first time to save the trouble to stream again.

*Enables you to adjust video/audio quality and resolution for each video.

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