Best Laptop Review Sites

laptop-lHere at I often write about laptops, but I don’t really review them and give them ratings. I simply don’t have access to all the latest models and so I’m unable to test them. I can only refer my readers to other sites if they wish to read a laptop review.

Fortunately, there are many Web sites on the Internet that are dedicated to testing and rating laptops. Therefore, today I’m going to list some of the sites that, in my opinion, offer impartial and good quality latop reviews.

Here are my favorite sites:

  1. Laptop Mag
  2. Notebook Review
  3. Laptop Logic
  4. Laptopical
  5. CNET Reviews
  6. Laptop Advisor
  7. Top 10 Reviews
  8. Test Freaks

If you know of any others that you can recommend, please add a comment!

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