(Unintentionally) Funny Domain Names

domain-nameI just read an article in a newspaper that mentioned some funny domain names on the Internet. Then I remembered – I have heard a fair share of weird and funny Web addresses in my 12 years online (yes, I entered the virtual world in 1998). Some are well known, such as expertsexchange.com, and others not so much (and for a good reason).

So I thought, why not list some of these names for our amusement. Most of the names you will see in the following list look innocent at first, but if you read it differently, it may sound both funny and often naughty! Please be aware that some of the domain names don’t exist any more, as the owners have identified the unfortunate word associations and corrected their mistake.

Here is my selection of BAD DOMAIN NAMES (I’m sure there are plenty more):

Australian ISP Web One – www.webone.com

Mole Station Nursery in Australia – www.molestationnursery.com.au

British company selling drapes La Drape – www.ladrape.co.uk

British firm Les Bocages – www.lesbocages.co.uk

Fish supplies store Big Al’s Online – www.bigalsonline.com

Designer site Speed of Art – www.speedofart.com

Attorney search site Who represents – www.whorepresents.com

Pen store Pen Island – www.penisland.com

Therapy Finder – www.therapistfinder.com

Teacher community site Teachers Talk – www.teacherstalk.com

IHA Vegas holiday rentals – www.ihavegas.com

Italian Energy company Powergen – www.powergenitalia.com (this one’s actually a spoof)

I think some of these names may have been registered on purpose. I mean, who wouldn’t make the connection between PEN and ISLAND before they registered???

Please excuse the improper language 🙂 but some of these are really, really funny.

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