Top 100 Infected Websites

typingNorton Symantec has just released a list of top 100 websites affected by viruses. Visiting any of these sites could infect your PC, and you don’t even have to click on anything. Just by opening the site in your Web browser you are risking exposure to malware which can easily enter into your hard drive without your knowledge.

If your PC is infected, you risk compromising or damaging your system and even giving away personal information to criminals. For example, hackers use keystroke logging software to steal sensitive information such as account numbers, passwords and credit card details. They are targeting vulnerabilities in Web browsers and according to Norton Symantec, both PCs and Macs are affected.

Some facts about the sites on the list:

  • Each of sites on the list has an average of 18,000 threats and almost half of them have over 20,000 threats.
  • 75% of the sites distributed malware for more than six months!
  • 50% of the sites had adult content and others pretend to be legitimate services such as sites about ice skating, deer hunting, catering and legal services.

The list was compiled by Norton Safe Web, a site that analyses Web sites’ security risks and has 20 million users providing reviews.

Don’t fall victim to one of the scams or malicious attacks and protect yourself on the Web. Install and update your Antivirus and Antispyware programs and consider adding a third party firewall if you don’t have one. Save your computer and money!

Here are some of the infected websites that you should stay away from:

To see the rest, please visit Norton Safeweb Community.

Source: Norton Symantec and

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