Remote Desktop connection in Win XP

Remote DesktopRemote Desktop Connection is a useful tool in Windows XP Professional that lets you connect to your home or office PC remotely from anywhere in the world. If you are on the road and you want to access your files and email, this is easily done through another computer. All you have to do is find a laptop or PC that’s connected to the Internet and you’ll be able to see your own PC as if you were sitting in front of it.

To use remote connection, your computer must be running Windows XP Professional and the remote computer (the one you’ll use to connect to your PC) must have any version of the Windows software (Win 95 or later). Both computers must be connected to the Internet when using Remote Desktop. If you don’t have a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection, you’ll have to use the actual IP address of your host computer. To find this address, simply go to and you’ll see it there.

Remote Desktop Connection is secure so you won’t have to worry about other users on the Internet intercepting information that you transfer.

Please follow the instructions on this Microsoft support page to set up the connection if you are running Windows XP Professional.

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