Scare Your Friends with Delete Windows Prank

pranksterHere is a new addition to my Fun with PC category. This time you can download an application that makes the victim think Windows has been deleted! This could be an awesome prank, provided you can install the file on a friend’s computer. Another option is, you send the file to your ‘victim’ and make them believe it’s some other, real file….and then suddenly, something goes very wrong.

All you have to do is visit Computer Pranks  and download the “delete windows” file. Next, you have to extract the file and install it, and that’s it. When the user opens the file, the fun begins.

It is only a small file but the Delete Windows prank is so popular that it’s been around for almost 10 years. For more pranks, please visit

This is actually only a basic message saying Windows has been deleted, and you can easily click it away by pressing the Esc button. If you want something more advanced, you should try the delete windows file by file prank from PC Advisor. This time, when you open the mystery file, the user has to confirm whether the Windows folder should be deleted. Even when No is clicked, the simulation begins anyway and gives the appearance of all files being deleted from the Windows directory. This is a real heartstopper.

Please only do this to people who might appreciate this kind of prank. Otherwise you’ll be in trouble.

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