Recover Lost or Deleted Files

hdd searchAll of us have or will at some point come across this problem: how to restore or recover files that we accidentally deleted from the PC? Sometimes it’s not even an accidental loss. Maybe we deleted something on purpose and realized later that we want the file back, but it’s too late. Or is it?

There are ways to find files that have been lost or deleted and you don’t have to be an IT expert to do this. Of course it helps if you have advanced computer knowledge. You can try some easy ways to recover files before you move on to more advanced options (which involve installing and running third party software).

Warning: if your hard drive is making noises and you are unable to load Windows from that hard drive, don’t try the following solutions. Instead, take it out and connect the drive to another PC and try to access your files from there. It’s most likely damaged and only professional (and expensive) help will solve your problem.

Let’s try the easy options first: When you first delete documents/files, they usually go directly into the recycle bin and stay there until you empty it. If you open the recycle bin first, you may find your files. If they are there simply right click on each file and select Restore. They will go back to their original location.

If you can’t find the files anywhere, go to Search, and use the Advanced Search options (Start, Search, All files and Folders and use advance options). Type in the file name and make sure all locations in the computer are searched (tick all options).

If this doesn’t work either, then you need to install data recovery software. Try one of the following FREE tools and hopefully you’ll be able to recover your files:

  1. NTFS Data Recovery Software Tools
  2. Major Geeks Restoration Tool
  3. PC Inspector File Recovery
  4. Recuva File Recovery
  5. Octane Soft Data Recovery Free Edition
  6. Soft Perfect File Recovery
  7. Undelete Plus
  8. Avira UnErase Personal
  9. Roadkil’s Undelete and other file recovery tools
  10. Disk Investigator
  11. ADRC Data Recovery Software

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