Windows Error Codes

Error CodesHave you ever seen Windows error messages that display 3, 4 or 5 digit error codes, such as error #1056, or error #690 and so on? Do you know what they mean?

Usually the error message comes with a “More Information” link, which leads you to a Help page explaining why the error occurred. Once you find out what the code represents, you can also find out what you can do to get rid of it. But this link doesn’t always offer the solution to the problem.

Sometimes the error has to do with network connections or with an application that you tried to run or with a service that isn’t enabled. The reasons can be many, but what you need is a solution to such a problem.

Did you know that there are Web sites that list all Windows Error Codes, where you can see common errors and the corresponding solutions? I found several which might be helpful:

At you can find close to a hundreds error codes and information on how to fix them.

At Microsoft Developer Network, you can find all system error messages and explanation of what they mean.

At AppDeploy you can find additional help on MSI (Windows Installer) errors. Also check this link at the same Web site.

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