Visual Styles for Windows XP

Visual StylesAre you tired of the same look of your Windows XP desktop? Do you think Microsoft could have included more than three color schemes in Windows XP? If you ask me – blue, olive green and silver is not enough variety. I wish there were more choices.

Fortunately, there are ‘aftermarket’ styles you can download for free or buy and easily apply to your desktop. This will change the look and feel of your operating system and it will look like a brand new Windows. You can even make it look as modern as Windows Vista but keep the reliability and familiarity of Windows XP.

I tried TGTSoft’s Style XP and I was quite happy with the variety they offered. I tested several themes but my favorite was the orange theme. It made Windows XP look so bright, colorful and interesting. TGTSoft also offers Style Builder, with which you can create your own custom style. Unfortunately, these programs are not free. They cost $19.95, but that’s not very expensive if you want a change desperately. (Unfortunately, in 2016 TGTSoft website doesn’t exist anymore).

There are also other sites that offer visual styles. Please visit Mohsinnaqi Devianart and StudioTwentyEight for some cool new themes. These ones are free.

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