Picture in Windows Media Player is Upside Down

upside downProblem: When you watch a video clip, the picture is upside down.

Before you try any of my solutions, you should make sure that the problem doesn’t lie in the video itself. It is quite possible that it was flipped on its head before it was sent to your computer. To be sure, try any other video clip in the same media player. If every video is upside down, try some of the following solutions:

1. Have you recently installed any new codecs? If yes and you know which one, uninstall it and test the video again.

2. If you have the NIMO codec pack, uninstall it. It is known to cause this problem and I have seen it on my computer too.

3. If you have the ffdshow codec pack, uninstall it. If not, try to install it and maybe it will fix the problem.

4. If everything else fails, try to restore the system to a date when the video was working normally. Go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools and select System Restore. Then proceed with the restore process and select a date when you think everything worked fine.

5. Windows Movie Maker has an inbuilt functionality which lets you flip the picture over. To do this, import the video file, right click on the same file and select Add to Storyboard. Once it’s in the Storyboard, right click on the file again and select Video Effects. Select Rotate 180 degrees from the list and click Add and OK. Save the file and close program.

6. You could also try to convert the file to another format (wmv/avi/mpg/mov). Try to find any program that converts video file formats (check out download.com for free or trial version) and test this option too.

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