Repair a Stuck/Dead Pixel on LCD screen

pixelIf you notice a bright dot on your LCD screen in an area which is normally completely dark or colored, then you probably have a stuck pixel. On the other hand, if you see a black dot when the picture is supposed to be all white or bright, then you are seeing a dead pixel. Unfortunately, dead pixels cannot be repaired and you have to either replace the screen or learn to live with it. Luckily, stuck pixels are more common and there are ways to repair them.

You can try to repair the stuck pixel by using pixel fixing software. I tested two programs when I was repairing a screen on a brand new laptop: JScreenFix and UDPixel. In theory, pixel fixing software can reenergize pixels by rapidly turning them on and off. JScreenFix works through a small window that turns pixels on and off about 60 times in a second. These rapid changes can reactivate the pixel permanently.

I installed JScreenFix and positioned the window above the affected area, where it’s supposed to work its magic for 20 minutes. However, even after several attempts it didn’t repair the pixel. UDPixel works by changing the pixels surrounding the stuck one and it usually runs for a few hours. Again, UDPixel didn’t solve my problem. Before you try this next method, I suggest you try the software first, as you might have more luck.

Another, more effective solution is also a slightly more dangerous operation. It involves applying physical pressure to the screen and there are two ways to do it. Take a pen or pencil, cover the tip with a soft cloth and start tapping on the pixel with a reasonable amount of pressure without causing the screen to crack. The LCD screen should be on while you do this. After several pressure hits, the pixel should be fixed. If it doesn’t work, try this last method, which also worked for me. With the same pen (still covered with a tissue or soft cloth), find the affected pixel, press against it and keep holding it until you turn off the screen and turn it on again. This should bring the pixel back to life and display the appropriate color. If this works but the color disappears again after a few minutes, try tapping lightly against the pixel again. This is how I repaired my screen and the bright pixel didn’t reappear.

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