Best Antivirus Software 2010 »

It’s been more than a year since I published the list of best Antivirus software 2009. Now it’s time to replace that list with best antivirus software 2010. I have collected information from several Web sites, and considered expert as well as user reviews and added some of my own findings. Now I have a new […]

Best Defragmenting Software – Top 10 »

Today I’m continuing with my top 10 list of recommended software. This time the topic is defragmentation. Before I list my top 10 programs, it might be a good idea to explain why you should care about defragmenting. As stated in Wikipedia, ‘Defragmentation is a process that reduces the number of fragmentations in the file system. This is […]

Recommended Firewalls – Top 10 list »

After I selected top 10 antispyware and top 10 antivirus programs previously, the next logical step is to select 10 best personal firewalls. After all, a reliable firewall is just as important as antispyware and antivirus programs, if not more. A firewall can block intruders such as hackers and malicious software like spyware, viruses and […]