How to Choose Your Terminal Emulation System »

Choosing a terminal emulator can be a bit unnerving when you first start. There’s a wide range of possible systems, variants, and operational considerations. However, it’s not as hard as it looks. You can get a good terminal emulator that can simplify operations and do a lot for productivity quite easily. Important: You should consult […]

Reasons for File System Corruption in Mac and Software for Mac File Recovery »

There are substantial reasons why you should choose to switch to Mac OS X. Unlike Windows PCs, Mac systems crash less and face fewer boot problems and memory issues. Additionally, Mac is bundled with a range of useful and innovative applications, such as iLife creativity suite, Final Cut Pro, etc. You can use these applications […]

Are VOIP Phone Systems Actually Safe? »

VOIP (Voice/Video Over Internet Protocol) based managed and installed business phone systems (a VOIP phone system) have high levels of security. There are many levels of security they employ to help your conversations be secure. So much so, the United States government is in the process of increasing the powers of the 911 Act, so […]

Washed White as Snow: Why System Restore is a Miracle Worker »

I suggest creating system restore points every day. Why? That’s a good question. It’s simple. Crap happens. Do you have any idea how often something evil creeps into your computer? No? Well, it’s a lot. I love System Restore. It fixes practically anything. From the cat jumping on your keyboard and changing all your settings […]

System Mechanic »

Have you ever heard of System Mechanic? Until a few weeks ago, I hadn’t. I am always looking for software that speeds up slow computers and cleans the hard drive, and I just found a new one. System Mechanic is a program that’s designed to clean, fix, speed up and repair your PC. It is created […]