Top 5 Latest Laptops with Mini Reviews »

With hundreds of manufacturers now stepping in the ring and competing for best laptop, it becomes hard for a consumer to find the right deal. There are restrictions like specs, money, usage and others that drive the consumers. But to ease up things a bit, here are some of the best gadgets to look for. […]

Smartphone Designs – Surprise Me! »

MWC 2015 brought some great mobiles to the surface. Revelation of phones like Samsung’s S6 and S6 edge and Microsoft’s Mid-range 1022 were positively received by most and I too felt the same. But that event left me thinking, ‘at the end of the day, it’s just a flat, rectangular phone with minimum buttons and […]

Samsung Strikes Back at Apple »

So we have all heard about the news of Apple’s recent lawsuits against Samsung for patent infringements. In the end, Apple was not able to actually hurt Samsung by making them take their products of the market, but instead was given a nice sum of money in a settlement. Now, the tables have been turned […]