ibibo’s Mobile Browser – ibibo iBrowser »

Brothersoft – India’s largest Social Gaming Network ibibo has introduced a new Mobile Browser – the ibibo iBrowser. ibibo iBrowser is a free, fast and compact mobile browser that allows you to access internet on your phone. The browser offers ease of access to thousands of cool websites from your mobile phone. With ibibo iBrowser, you can […]

Less Popular Search Engines »

Today almost everyone uses one of the Big Three search engines: Google, Yahoo or Bing. But what about the rest? As you may know, there are others, obviously less popular, but good search engines. A friend of mine gave me the idea to search the Internet and see what else is available. Many years ago […]

The Battle of the Browsers, Part 2 »

Not too long ago I wrote a post about the most popular operating systems and browsers on the Internet (read here). I quoted statistics from the w3schools Web site, which gave Firefox the number one spot among all browsers. They collected data for over 5 years and came to this conclusion. Internet Explorer (6, 7 […]