Desktop PC – Call Me a Dinosaur! »

PC technology is truly amazing.  Apple has just released its watch computer with virtually every app you might want, and others that you may download.  Everyone has a tablet and is coveting an iPhone 6, in order to be fully “computerized” wherever s/he may be on the planet.  We can draw, paint, develop a graph […]

Productivity Boost – New Cometdocs Desktop App »

File converters are definitely some of the most popular online tools that seem to find a place in everyone’s productivity toolbox. Whether you are looking to convert PDFs into more editable formats such as MS Word or Excel or create locked PDFs out of these types of formats to keep them from being tampered with, […]

7 Free Online Tools for Accessing your Desktop Remotely »

Technology has enabled us to work without having to be restricted to one location, thanks to the widespread availability of Internet access and various tools. Whether you are checking your emails from the beach via your trusty mobile device or storing important files on cloud services, you are actively participating in this mobilization of the […]

All-In-One Desktops – to Buy or Not to Buy? »

I am considering replacing my desktop PC. My Pentium IV 2.4Ghz system is getting slow and I think I deserve an upgrade. I know, P4 is so old now :), but it has done the job so far. I have also been waiting for Windows 7 to come out, because there was no way I […]

Enable Remote Desktop Connection in Windows Vista »

In Windows Vista, Remote Desktop connection is disabled by default. To turn on Remote Desktop (in Business and Ultimate editions), please follow these steps: Right click on My Computer and choose Properties Click on the Remote Settings in the menu on the left side In the Remote tab, click the radio button that says: “Allow […]