Productivity Boost – New Cometdocs Desktop App

CometdocsFile converters are definitely some of the most popular online tools that seem to find a place in everyone’s productivity toolbox. Whether you are looking to convert PDFs into more editable formats such as MS Word or Excel or create locked PDFs out of these types of formats to keep them from being tampered with, there are plenty of online conversion tools available.

No tool is probably as popular as Cometdocs is right now. This fully-fledged online document management service has been known for over four years now as one of the best and most reliable services for free online file conversion. The team at Cometdocs has gone a step further in ensuring their users accurate and quick conversions by releasing a free desktop app.

The desktop app presents yet another productivity boost, enabling users to convert files from their computers without having to open their browsers. Of course, it should be noted that you need to be a registered Cometdocs member to use the app, though registration is free and easy. It’s a lightweight app that takes seconds to install.

Once you do install it, here are some of the main features that you can enjoy using:

All Cometdocs conversion options are supported: Cometdocs supports a truly impressive range of conversion types. Users can convert PDFs to just about any file type imaginable and create a PDF out of just as many file types. It also supports the conversion of XPS files into more editable formats, which is a feature that not many other online conversion services support.

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Large files are handled with ease: Everyone has probably experienced the agony of trying to upload a large file for conversion via browser. Such an action can cause your browser to free up and can really kill your productivity and desire to multitask. With the Cometdocs desktop app, you can upload and convert huge files without having to open your browser. And better yet, since the conversion is being sent to Cometdocs’ servers via the app and not the browser, you can use your browser freely without worrying about experiencing any problems while surfing.

A new level of resource efficiency: Since the conversions are all taking place on Cometdocs’ online servers and are not being converted by the app itself, this presents a very resource efficient way to convert files without slowing down your computer in the slightest.

Incredible fast and easy conversions: Not only does Cometdocs present users with lightning fast conversion options, they also couldn’t be any easy to perform. Simply right-click on the file you want to convert and choose your conversion type. The converted file will be downloaded into the same directory as the original file within a matter of moments.

If you use online conversion tools regularly and are sick of the conversions slowing down your browser or having to check your email to download your converted file, then the Cometdocs desktop app is a productivity tool that’s perfect for you. Not only is it the quickest and most convenient way to freely convert files online, but it’s also the most accurate and reliable.

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