7 Free Online Tools for Accessing your Desktop Remotely »

Technology has enabled us to work without having to be restricted to one location, thanks to the widespread availability of Internet access and various tools. Whether you are checking your emails from the beach via your trusty mobile device or storing important files on cloud services, you are actively participating in this mobilization of the […]

Computer Security Tips for Small Business Owners »

As a small business owner, it’s pretty common that you’re going to use and interface with a computer on a day-to-day basis. In fact, you may even have employees that need to be on the computer most of the day. However, if your business does not directly deal with computers, it’s very likely that you […]

How to Edit Audio Files in Your Computer »

Many a time, we make recordings at home. For example, a younger sister may be embarking on a musical career, and it is important to make a recording of her performance. Or, the baby has just uttered its very first syllables, and it must be preserved for posterity. We do have our iPods and other […]

Best Computer Forums »

Today I’m offering an interesting resource that every computer user should be aware of – a list of best computer forums. I’m sure many of us have experienced computer problem(s), be it software or hardware related, and usually we try to find the solution through Google first, before we call the technician. Often, those searches […]