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Cannot Log in – Enable/Disable Num Lock »

Have you ever tried to log in to your PC but couldn’t get the password right, even after several attempts? This happened to me the other day, when I tried to log onto my laptop. I know that CAPS Lock was not on, because no warning message appeared. I thought maybe I forgot my password […]

Remote Desktop connection in Win XP »

Remote Desktop Connection is a useful tool in Windows XP Professional that lets you connect to your home or office PC remotely from anywhere in the world. If you are on the road and you want to access your files and email, this is easily done through another computer. All you have to do is find a laptop or […]

Password protect files in Windows XP/Vista »

If you want to ensure that only you can access a certain file, and users you allow access to the file, then the easiest way to do so is to zip (compress) a file with Winzip/Winrar or Windows’ own compression tool. All you need to do is download Winzip or Winrar, install the program and […]

How to access Disk Defragmenter in Windows »

In one of my previous posts I listed 10 third party defragmenting programs and I mentioned that Windows includes its own defragmenter. One reader complained that I didn’t describe how and where this Windows tool can be found. So here it is: In Windows XP, Disk Defragmenter can be found in Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools and […]

Windows Error Codes »

Have you ever seen Windows error messages that display 3, 4 or 5 digit error codes, such as error #1056, or error #690 and so on? Do you know what they mean? Usually the error message comes with a “More Information” link, which leads you to a Help page explaining why the error occurred. Once you […]