Category: Viruses and Spyware

What Spyware is and Why You Should be Concerned »

Not everyone knows what spyware is, but it is imperative that you know because your personal information may be at risk. These are malicious programs that use your Internet connection to collect information in your computer and send it to another one without your consent. Information at Risk These programs can get your name and […]

Most Dangerous Places Malnet Operators Host Malware »

As malware continues to evolve and becomes more difficult to detect, the best Internet security strategy is to try to avoid it altogether.  In order to do this, it is important to know where malnet operators prefer to host their malware.  There are a variety of different methods they use. However, there are some which […]

Privacy and Security Issues Taking Its Toll On Big Players »

Making headlines on the month of January in 2012, Pinterest has reached 11.7 million users in no time. This quick rise has unfortunately been responsible in attracting various scammers and spammers who are eager to take undue advantage from Pinterest users. Also, the site has faced substantial criticism for provoking users to make unsure decisions […]

Top Antivirus Suites for Windows in 2012 »

Most of us are concerned about the safety of our computers and there is a reason why security is at stake. It is because of the Internet. The word “computer virus” was named by Fred Cohen in 1983. It is a malicious program which is capable of affecting other normal programs. These viruses are capable […]

How to Remove Spyware From Your PC »

Are you worried about spyware attacking your PC and keeping it from working? Spyware can get into your computer and steal its information. You should do a few things to keep spyware from being a serious problem on your computer. This procedure of how to remove spyware from your PC should not be too hard […]