Why Windows 7 is All the Rage

windows 7If you are one of the many who are wondering that then you have come to the right place. Every user is raving about how convenient this particular operating system upgrade is. But what is it that really sets it apart from its predecessors? Some of the many benefits that users can enjoy are the following:

1. A Brand New Taskbar

Say goodbye to the Quick Launch toolbar. Windows 7 sports one that allows users to pin applications to their toolbar. This conveniently allows users to launch multiple applications that are grouped together under a single tab. Not only that, the new tabs also let users have a peek at open applications without having to actually open them through a feature called “Aero Peek”. In other words, all they have to do to see what each tab contains is hover over it to receive a small live window to look through.

2. Aero Shake and Aero Snap

The Aero Snap feature allows users to view two separate documents side by side. This is done by opening a window, dragging it to a side of the screen and “snapping” it or making it take up half of the screen. The benefits of doing something like this is obvious since it can come in handy in viewing two documents at the same time. The Aero Shake feature is not only convenient but is also fun to use. Using it lets a user get rid of multiple tabs, except the one that he is interested in by shaking the pertinent tab with the mouse. All the user has to do to review the hidden tabs is to shake the mouse again. If you are used to working with multi monitor systems such a feature can cut the time it takes for you to hide tabs in multiple screens not to mention help you organize your priorities.

3. More Flexibility

The operating system also comes with more customizable and user friendly settings as compared to its predecessors. Besides that Windows 7 also uses the “Action Center” that automatically highlights any messages that have to do with your security status, User Access Control as well as Windows Update.

4. Device Compatibility

Almost every user who has used Windows Vista knows what a nightmare it was trying to make the operating system compatible with certain hardware. Computers with Vista could not recognize any external devices (USBs, printers, etc) without downloading additional software. Not only does Windows 7 come with a smorgasbord of drivers it can also search for any new ones automatically with its Windows Update feature.

5. Windows Touch

This is by far the most appealing quality of Windows 7. The operating system lets users use their fingers to operate their systems via the screen. In other words, it allows them to browse the web, flip through documents and open files through a touch screen. It also allows you to zoom and rotate the documents on the screen by nothing but a touch.

6. The Need for Speed

Windows 7 is great for you if you prefer operating systems that do not take their sweet time to load. It only runs background services with the user’s permission and also comes with certain performance improvements that take less memory. Besides that it also helps a user reconnect to a wireless network as well as run and put his programs to sleep in the blink of an eye (no pun intended).

So there you have it. When your current operating system isn’t running as fast or as efficiently as you want it to, it might be time for you to change your preferences. The Windows 7 operating system has already made a lot of disgruntled users very happy.

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