Open or Delete Files Locked by Other Programs »

You have probably come across this problem while working with your files and folders: you try to open a file, but you get an ‘Access denied – File in use’ message. Similarly, you might try to delete a file, but you can’t do this as the file is locked by some other program and you […]

Files open with incorrect program »

Let’s say you click on a zip file and a media player tries to open it. Or you select a video file, but you don’t want this file to be played in Windows Media Player. You want to choose your own player. This problem can be solved by configuring the file extension associations. To select which program should open […]

Cannot open C:\ drive – ’select program from list’ appears »

I’ll start my blog by discussing an annoying error which I experienced not too long ago. When I opened My Computer and tried to open the C:\ drive by double clicking, instead of getting the list of all subfolders, a new window appeared asking me to select a program that can open the application. I have seen this […]