Will Internet Explorer 9 Kill the Browser? »

Did you hear that Microsoft just released Internet Explorer 9 Public Beta? It was presented to a room full of journalists in San Francisco few days ago. Apparently, it was a huge hit because everyone cheered. The main reason for the excitement is that Internet Explorer 9 could revolutionize the way we view Web sites. […]

How to Transfer IE Favorites to Another Computer »

One of my readers asked me to explain how he can transfer his favorite websites from Internet Explorer to another PC or laptop. This may sound easy to anyone who is experienced with computers or whoever did this before, but definitely not to the basic user. I knew it was a simple task, but since […]

Beware of These Internet Scams! »

Are you annoyed by the fact that there are so many scams on the Internet? Don’t you hate it when you receive an email that asks you to update your bank account or credit card details? Or when someone sends you hot tips about the share market? Or when you sell your old PC on […]

Most Useful Things on the Internet »

Few days ago I was thinking about how we lived our lives before Internet came along and how many changes Internet brought, especially in the last 10 years or so. Do you remember the good old times? We used to go out more and play games there instead on our PCs and game consoles, we […]