Backup and Restore SQL Server Database Remotely with Free Utility

SQLBakRunning SQL Server database smoothly is always challenging for clients and database administrators. What can you do if the corruption arises or the whole company database is down? Well, we came across an extremely useful utility that brings your corrupt or inaccessible database back to life in a short amount of time.

Using SQLBak, anyone can backup, monitor and restore SQL server database remotely using the portable devices with browsing capability. So you could easily restore corrupt or damaged database on the go or when travelling abroad. This tool is capable of backing up SQL database as well as allowing users to run scheduled backup at a convenient date and time.

About SQLBak

The idea behind this application is simple. You’ll need to install client application of SQLBak on your SQL server machine and create an online account on SQLBak website. You’ll get your very own and personalized dashboard where you’ll need to configure parameters such as emails, connect database to online SQLBak account and choose any of the available cloud hosting services to store running database. SQLBak allows you to store database on any of the following cloud hosting websites/storage devices:

  • Internal or external storage devices
  • FTP Location
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive
  • Amazon S3

Why SQLBak?

SQLBak offers an easy and intuitive interface that lets you easily backup, restore and monitor the performance of your SQL server database. SQLBak offers unmatched performance and unique capability that you can’t find anywhere else. Listed below are some of the most popular functionalities of SQLBak:

  • Minimum time and effort required for overall setup. Small program and online dashboard from SQLBak is all you need to get started.
  • No direct access needed of SQL Server database as you can control everything from web such as taking backup of database, monitor performance or restore it if any disaster strikes.
  • Secured and high speed connection is offered by this tool so you can perform the needed operation in a few clicks and in shortest possible time.
  • Restoring database is easy and effortless. All you need is an Internet connection and portable device that enables you to log into SQLBak account and restore corrupt or damaged SQL Server database.
  • Using online cloud storage service is absolutely free to certain storage limit. After that, minimum amount of investment is required to extend storage limit for your database storage.
  • SQLBak is a free utility that allow users to take backup of 2 databases running on a single machine. If you’re running multiple instances of database or working in large organization where large amount of database server are large, you can upgrade to premium account with little investment.

SQLBak screenshot

Final Thoughts

Database corruption is unavoidable situation that occurs almost every day with home users or small/mid size businesses. Well, the dream has come true and you don’t need to worry anymore, as SQLBak offers everything you need to maintain SQL Server database backup in real time and restore everything if needed. SQLbak offers unmatched performance and many advanced features that you would hardly find anywhere else.

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