Windows 7 overtakes Windows Vista »

In July 2010, the number of Windows 7 users surpassed that of Windows Vista. The newest operating system from Microsoft has quickly overtaken its predecessor (in less than a year), but it will need much more time to overtake Windows XP, which is still the most popular system. Windows 7′s market share stands at 14.5% […]

System Mechanic »

Have you ever heard of System Mechanic? Until a few weeks ago, I hadn’t. I am always looking for software that speeds up slow computers and cleans the hard drive, and I just found a new one. System Mechanic is a program that’s designed to clean, fix, speed up and repair your PC. It is created […]

Enable Remote Desktop Connection in Windows Vista »

In Windows Vista, Remote Desktop connection is disabled by default. To turn on Remote Desktop (in Business and Ultimate editions), please follow these steps: Right click on My Computer and choose Properties Click on the Remote Settings in the menu on the left side In the Remote tab, click the radio button that says: “Allow […]

10 reasons why people hate Windows Vista »

By now it’s obvious that Microsoft’s latest and current operating system, Windows Vista, has been a big failure. The numbers do not lie, most people still prefer Windows XP over Windows Vista (see the numbers in my previous post). Some people do like Windows Vista, but based on what I read from people’s experiences, I think most would rather go back […]

Schtasks.exe Error at Shutdown in Windows Vista »

When you shut down Windows, the following error message appears: Schtasks.exe – Application failed to initialize (0xC0000142). You can click OK or the message disappears by itself and the shutdown process continues. Schtasks.exe is a command line version of the Task Scheduler in Windows Vista. It lets you specify a schedule for the automated execution of commands. Besides the specified […]