How to Erase a Write-Protected USB Drive or SD Card​ »

A write protection error is one of the most common errors faced by users while using a USB drive or SD card. When a drive is write protected, you can access the photos in it, but you cannot modify it. In basic terms, your USB drive or SD card behaves like a non-rewritable CD. The […]

Turn Your USB Stick into a PC with CodySafe Σ »

Would you like to turn your USB drive into a “PC on a stick“? If yes, then you need CodySafe Sigma, a great software that allows you to create a portable system for management of your favorite applications, documents and settings. You can launch your programs or open files on any computer without installation. And […]

Data Invalid Error – Cannot install USB Device »

Have you ever experienced this problem: When you plug in a new USB device such as mouse, external hard drive or digital camera, the new hardware is detected but automatic driver installation fails every time with a ‘data invalid’ error message? Don’t worry, there are several possible solutions that you can test. Solution 1: Use […]