Turn Your USB Stick into a PC with CodySafe Σ

CodySafe ΣWould you like to turn your USB drive into a “PC on a stick“? If yes, then you need CodySafe Sigma, a great software that allows you to create a portable system for management of your favorite applications, documents and settings. You can launch your programs or open files on any computer without installation. And the best thing is, no traces remain on the computer after you unplug your CodySafe Σ flash drive.

CodySafe Σ is a portable drives menu. With this software you can easily manage, group, sort and launch programs from your USB drive. With the in-built Apps Depot you can access a collection of portable applications and download and install these to your CodySafe drive with a simple mouse click. Other features of CodySafe Σ include instant application search, nested categories folders, context menu and many others.

For security and protection of your USB drive and connected computers, CodySafe Σ integrates ViruSense technology to prevent malicious files entering your system, a drive space gauge and a find-if-lost feature that aids in document and drive recovery.

You can download a free demo version of CodySafe Σ here, or buy a full version for US$9.90.

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